Abe Vincent Award Winner


Sarah Award Photo
Sarah Tyson accepting the Abe Vincent award from Therese Lawlor-Wright.

On graduation day, we had the pleasure of awarding the ‘Abe Vincent award for Project Leadership and Community Engagement’ to Sarah Tyson. Sarah has  graduated with an Fd Sc in Project Management from the University of Cumbria.

The award celebrates the contribution that project management skills make in the community and is sponsored by the friends and family of Abe Vincent. Abe was a young man who died from bone cancer at the age of 21. Abe did not study project management but he demonstrated many project management skills and used these to make a difference in the community. This included fundraising for charity and supporting and encouraging other people.

The award was open to students enrolled on one of the Project Management courses at the University of Cumbria. Applicants had to prepare a written description of the their work in leading a community based project and this was assessed by a panel of judges. The prize is a voucher with a value of £200. We chose a voucher saying ‘Above and Beyond’ for the award. This recognises someone who has gone above and beyond in using their project management skills for the benefit of others.

Sarah Tyson’s application described her use of Project Management skills in organising a field day event for the Young Farmers in West Cumbria. She chaired a group of 15 representatives of young farmer clubs to run a field day with 63 events. In the months of organising behind the scenes, she engaged stakeholders, responded to queries, co-ordinated the efforts of others, supported the group and held it together. On the day itself, she was the ‘go to’ person for any unforeseen events and also responsible after the event for handing over to the next committee. The field day resulted in  financial benefits in the funds raised and also many benefits in terms of bringing the community together.

With this award, we recognise and appreciate Sarah Tyson’s work in going ‘above and beyond’ studying project management in using her project management knowledge and skills for the benefit of the community.




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