Meet the Apprentices

Who chooses to become an apprentice or to take up an apprenticeship?

At the University of Cumbria, apprentices are already enrolled on our Foundation Degree course in Project Management. We find them highly motivated learners who are quick to grasp new ideas and seek to apply them in the workplace. Many are very involved in their local communities also – running sponsored events and making key contributions to voluntary organisations. We hope that the knowledge they gain on our courses and the skills they develop will have benefits in their work and also for the wider community.

For young people considering apprenticeships (or parents seeking to support their career choices) it can be good to have a talk with apprentices to find out why they chose this pathway and whether they would recommend it to others. Two of our Project Management students, Andrew and Chelsea are heavily involved in promoting apprenticeships as part of the Sellafield apprenticeship team effort in the Brathay Apprenticeship Challenge.

Employers can meet them at the University of Cumbria ‘Apprenticeship Information Events’ this week  in Carlisle, Ambleside or Lancaster.

You can find them on Twitter at @SLBrathay17 or tweet using hashtag #BAC17




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